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 “A completely unique approach to rock music” - (NL)


“Traced Through Dust and Time is just irresistible, and a release which only impresses more as every listen reveals something new in the depths of the songwriting and music. There will be few better or certainly as enjoyable debuts released this year” - Ringmasterreview (UK)

"Traced Through Dust and Time is an evolution, not a revolution"
“ridiculously far from any written rule” - (IT)

"Like nothing we've ever heard before. Easily a candidate for one of the best albums of the year." 
- Prog Metal Zone (US) 

"Albummet er en fascinerende rejse ind i et musikalsk univers som er helt sit eget, der samtidig virker som en formfuldendt verden der ikke lyder som noget andet jeg kan komme i tanke om." 

“…hvor er det dog super dejligt at der er nogen her til lands der laver sådan noget anti-jantelovs-musik hvor der bare er mega møghamrende højt til loftet, og hvor man også skider lidt på genrerne” - Anders Bøtter / Sort Søndag/P6 BEAT - DR (DK)

Touring Eastern Europe in May 2016

We will be touring Eastern Europe with our good friends from danish Silhouette for 10 days this May. We can´t wait to meet alot of new freinds down there!

See you 

The World State

“I have a REALLY vivid imagination when it comes to the art of writing music, and I like to have some good laughs while doing it…”
– Leifur 

Instead of thinking in terms of inadequacies, the epic Aarhus rock band The World State gladly accepts a walk on the thinnest ice, with a complex, challenging and extremely unusual approach to the art of playing rock music. All with Bina Rosenvinges immaculate voice on top.

In these years, it is not exactly an unknown factor that most music sounds more or less the same, so that we can easily cram it into our little genre boxes. The World State might give you a hard time doing so.

Giving the fact that the band expects something from their listeners, one might have to let go of stagnant ideas and prejudices about what you can actually do with rock music, and first of all, give the music time. 
In return, they promise you a beautiful and mind-expanding journey through soundscapes and parallel worlds you never even knew existed.

The lyrical themes mainly circles around the topic of reverse evolution of mankind. And as a line in the song “The Strangest of Places” puts it: "Time passed while we were busy distracting death, and now we ́re lost for ideas".

The Band:

After the band's highly acclaimed debut EP "FLIER" from 2013, created at the same time, they released the long-awaited debut album, "Traced Through Dust and Time" on March 3rd. 2016, again followed by great reviews from all over the world.

The band was started in 2009 by bandleader – Leifur, who over the last six years has written the album and developed the band's sound and strange universe.

Guitarist Andreas Schubert has been along from the earliest start, and with a few changes along the way, the band's final line-up with Bina Rosenvinge on vocals, Jesper Kragh on guitar and Danny Woe on drums has been carefully selected.

A Castle For The Battles That I Fight (official music-video 2015)

We are more than honored to present our first music video ever!
Although we always have high expectations for ourselves, we must admit that the video has exceeded what we expected!

DIRECTED BY: Andreas S. Sorensen (Urban Paradise)

Wise words from the director:

The main challenge with this video was to create a universe for the song that would give the song even more depth, and also allow for this universe to expand with subsequent videos. The solution was to create a type of shadow play, which meant shooting all shots in silhouette, so that all characters became completely black and leaving only the skies. More challenges came in post production when the time came to create all these shots in fx since all shots in the video required some sort of vex work done to them.



Flier (EP)

Released on Digital Download and 10" Vinyl. 

Side A: 1. Flier 2. Engine
Side B: 3. When The Blackening Shows 4. Leave

Recorded & Mixed at 'Aarhus Lydstudie' and 'The Portal'.
All songs written and arranged by Leif Nielsen.
Produced by Leif Nielsen and Kenn Hedegaard Eskildsen.

Available on vinyl and digital download at and signed vinyl incl. download code at